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Fête des Tuileries, Paris

Aug 1st, 2010 // Destination: News
During almost 2 full months this Summer, the Tuileries Gardens in Paris, France will be hosting one of the big funfairs of the French capital, namely Fête des Tuileries. This is a greast opportunity to have fun and quality time with family and friends. Merry-go-round, big wheel, bumber cars or exhilarating rides, candy floss or waffles, trampoline or rifle range: whatever your taste you are sure... 

The Louvre Museum in Paris

Jul 10th, 2010 // Destination: Paris
As museums go, the Louvre in Paris is quite simply a mammoth. The word “museum” may even be unfitting when it comes to the Louvre: the collections are so vast, diverse, and breathtaking that visitors may have the impression of navigating a maze of distinct artistic and cultural worlds. Housed in the Palais du Louvre (Louvre Palace), France, the former seat of French royalty, the Louvre...