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Helena Christensen Patroness of World’s Greatest Catwalk

Aug 1st, 2010 // Destination: News
The hightlight of the Copenhagen Fashion Week is Helena Christensen who will open the World’s Greatest Catwalk with a speech to an expected 100,000 spactators. The World’s Greatest Catwalk is taking place on the famous pedestrian street “Strøget” which can be found in the heart of Copenhagen. “Strøget” will be made into one long runway on which more than 200... 

Free City Bikes in Copenhagen

Jul 8th, 2010 // Destination: News
City Bike, Copenhagen The city bikes in Copenhagen, Denmark are world famous, and many visitors as well as Copenhageners use them as a quick and free alternative to cars, busses and taxis, when getting around the city. The City of Copenhagen systematically expands the net of bicycle lanes and routes. Hence, you can get faster around Copenhagen by bicycle than by any other means of transportation. City...