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Grand Canyon Tours for Families with Young Children

Grand CanyonHow can families choose the right type of Grand Canyon tour for everyone in their party? By looking carefully at all the choices and information available, a family can find the perfect tour for their needs. There are plenty of options to choose from.

Walking and Hiking Tours
Families with smaller children or less mobile individuals might find it difficult to take on all of the adventure that the Grand Canyon has to offer. Walking and hiking tours are usually simple and make the sites available to families with members of all ages. Some tours only last a few hours and include an explanation of the local landscape and some of the canyon’s history. Others may last an entire day and delve into the wildlife commonly found nearby. For those looking to extend their hike, families with older children may want to consider a camping excursion.

Bus and Jeep Tours
Wondering whether or not everyone in the family can make the walk or hike around the canyon? Consider a bus or jeep tour. Guides explain facts about the canyon and point out some of its unique features. Along the way, most vehicles stop at designated areas for families to get out, stretch their legs and wander around for a while. Bus tours tend to be a bit more luxurious when compared to the bumpy, open-air jeep ride. Regardless of which one a family chooses, this is a more efficient option for those uninterested in walking for extended amounts of time. Some of the best Grand Canyon tours can be enjoyed while looking out a window as the vehicle passes by all the important locations.

Take the Train
Why not add a little extra adventure to the Grand Canyon excursion and try out the train ride from Williams to the National Park? Families with small children will enjoy the ease of taking everyone along for a ride. Along the way guest can expect to be see a shootout, complete with cowboys as well as actors that ensure that ride is as authentic as possible. Once the train arrives at the Grand Canyon, everyone leaves the train and has around three hours to explore the area. Then, the train brings everyone back to Williams, Arizona. During the holidays, a Christmas themed Polar Express tour is created complete with hot chocolate and a visit from Santa Claus. Instead of a traditional Christmas kids love to experience family adventure holidays in the USA.

While these tour options work well for families with younger children, there are plenty of other ways to see the Grand Canyon. Adults typically enjoy the tours by airplane and helicopter that allow an an overall view of the area along with an exciting experience in general. Older children might be ready to ride horseback down into the canyon’s depths while others may want to experience whitewater rafting for the first time. There is a real variety when it comes to the ways families can experience this portion of Northern Arizona.

Adriana Frederick writes regularly on traveling with small children for several family websites and blogs. Having taken her toddlers around the world to several new and different countries, she is considered an expert in family travel, especially family adventure holidays in USA and the best grand canyon tours. She also writes on various ways to save money while taking a family on an adventure together.

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