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MyReykjavikInfo.com targets cruise ship visitors


With more than 76 scheduled cruise ship stopovers in Reykjavik over the summertime and an estimated 70,000 passengers,  wants passengers to take full advantage of what the Icelandic capital has to offer. With most cruise ship stops only lasting between 12-24 hours, good preparation is essential for passengers who want to experience Reykjavik and its surrounding untouched natural beauty.

In order to make that preparation easier, MyReykjavikInfo.com has setup specific new information for cruise ship passengers. This latest information covers scheduled cruise ships, different dock locations, nearby attractions in Reykjavik as well as links to local design shops in Reykjavik and other much needed information.

Magnus Haflidason, director of MyReykjavikInfo.com believes that even if they are just on a short stop, passengers can really enjoy their stay, “Reykjavik is a small city and the downtown area can easily be explored on foot with numerous restaurants, shops, museums and art galleries to enjoy. Plus, you have untouched nature only a short drive from the city center allowing the visitors to experience it first hand – even if they only have few hours to spare. Research and planning is all you need and that’s where MyReykjavikInfo.com comes in handy”.

With today’s technology it is easy for cruise ship passengers to plan their trip on their way to Reykjavik via the Internet. MyReykjavikInfo.com provides information on what is available throughout Reykjavik and enables users to be able to contact companies directly with any enquiries. This ensures the user can find exactly what they want from their stay and allows for a direct contact between the traveller and the service provider.

For additional help with their planning, visitors can use the Trip planner application which sets up an itinerary with a simple drag-and-drop feature. The agenda can then be printed out or e-mailed to a mobile device to be viewed after they have landed.

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