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European Festival For Young Talent – Paris

European Festival For Young Talent - Paris, France

This year, the Festival des Jeunes Talents in Paris is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Since it was created in 2001, this festival has affirmed its role of inviting around fifty young European musicians, including the most talented of their generation.

For the 10th edition, 10 European countries will be represented: Ireland, Spain, Bulgaria, Armenia, Switzerland, Serbia, Russia, Belgium, Holland and France.

An eclectic programme: Opening ceremony training sessions first of all, at the same time as the very popular recitals (vocal, piano, harp, percussions …), duos (violin/piano, cello/piano), trios (strings, with piano), quartets … less familiar training sessions such as the violin-harp duo, cello-double bass-accordion trio, violin-accordion-double bass trio …

Opening ceremony for genres and styles the festival will be an opportunity to hear works by contemporary French composers like B. Mantovani, H. Dutilleux (our honourary president), E. Tanguy, as well as Europeans such as G. Ligeti, W. Rihm, M. Bertran, A. Ignatowicz, N.J. Živkovi?. Alongside the great classic works, some concerts will combine genres: in particular jazz and world music (18 and 25 July) …

Opening of the venues while the Hôtel de Soubise will remain the central point for the festival, three free concerts will take place in public gardens, on Sunday at 4pm (11,18 and 25 July). “Musical strolls” allow visitors to gardens to discover classical music!

From July 9 2010 to July 29 2010

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