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Don Draper’s New York

Don Draper's New York

Though it’s filmed in a Los Angeles studio with minimal exterior shots of vintage New York, Mad Men—AMC’s critically acclaimed series that follows fictional Madison Avenue executives in the 1960s—is as quintessentially New York as yellow taxis and pastrami on rye. The show’s themes of ambition, reinvention and success—coupled with the glamour, style and sophistication that characterized the early days of advertising—are so closely associated with New York City that the show truly could not be set elsewhere. Though the City’s tastes and culture have changed since Don Draper’s day—three-martini lunches and desk-side scotch cabinets are, sadly, long gone—the elegance of 1960s New York as depicted on the show has never gone out of style.

To prep yourself for the show’s fourth season (premiering July 25 at 10pm on AMC), throw on your fedora and step back in time at these glorious relics of Mad Men–era New York, many of which are the hangouts of choice for the men and women of Sterling Cooper. (Though don’t waste your time looking for 405 Madison Avenue, the purported address of the advertising agency—it doesn’t exist.)

Source: nycgo.com

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