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Soft Adventure Holiday?

Cycling HolidaysBored Of the Beach? Cycling Holidays and Other Adventures Abroad

According to recent studies into market trends, adventure holidays appear to be growing in popularity at ever increasing levels. Indeed, it would appear that lazily lying in the sun is no longer the holiday activity of preference, as more and more of us aim for more demanding activities.

The Growing Popularity of Cycling Holidays Abroad
In fact, of all the activities available that are designed to fill your vacation, cycling would appear to be fast becoming the most popular choice. Furthermore, while taking a cycling tour through the UK has its own charm and continues to be popular among many cycling fans, many are choosing to aim their sights a little further afield.

These days, numerous cycle tour operators are offering a variety of tours not only throughout Europe but in regions such as the Far East too. The good news is, with such a variety of tours and destinations available, you don’t need to be a Tour De France specialist to partake in one of them.

Indeed, exploring a country and its attendant culture whilst travelling by bike is now popular among a wide range of people — young and old alike. Certainly, not only can travelling by bicycle allow you to see so much more of your chosen location, the sense of achievement on completing the tour is undoubtedly hugely satisfying.

In fact, travelling by bike has numerous advantages. Aside from travelling at your own pace, it offers perhaps the best way of meeting the locals and the experience of literally following your nose, can be one of the most unique ways to explore any region.

For many, France remains the most popular cycling destination on offer. Certainly, ever since the famous Tour de France became open to the public (at least to a point), the country — so replete with quaint cafes and glorious country roads — has become a mecca for cycling tours. However, many other regions are not far behind and excellent cycling tours are now available in every corner of the globe.

While the experience may appear somewhat daunting to the novice, the opportunity of travelling as part of a group can eliminate any such fears. Furthermore, the choices available are numerous with options ranging from mountain bike or off-road tours to guided or unguided cultural cycling tours.

Equally Popular Alternative Activity Holidays
Alternative holidays involving other activities however, are also becoming increasingly popular. While tough boot camps are perhaps not the ideal choice, holidays that combine beautiful surroundings and clean air, great food and a little exercise are being chosen by more and more individuals everywhere. In addition, specialist vacations that involve activities such as Pilates, Yoga, swimming and even spa or detox treatments are now in increasingly high demand.

In conclusion, it would appear that many are choosing to combat the current economic downturn by ensuring that they retain an optimum health. Gone are the days of lazing on the beach or lounging by the pool as people choose ‘getting fit’ as the main point of their vacation. Furthermore, people appear to be becoming increasingly ambitious in their travel exploits as more and more are choosing not only to explore the world under their own steam but are generally doing so much further afield.

Adriana Frederick writes regularly on the subject of travel for a wide range of websites and blogs. While his interests vary greatly his favourite topics include cycling holidays abroad and all types of activity holidays.

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