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The Wall in Berlin Must Fly

Jul 14th, 2010 // Destination: Berlin
On 15 July, the Berlin Wall learns to fly—because on this Thursday, it is going to rise around 100-metres. The occasion: in the new “PANORAMAPUNKT” at the top of the Kollhof-Towers at Potsdamer Platz, the new open-air exhibition “Berliner Blicke” (Berliner Views) opens. With a helicopter, an original piece of the Berlin Wall will be flown up to the 24th storey of the building. The... 


Jul 8th, 2010 // Destination: Berlin
Alexanderplatz, Berlin Alexanderplatz is Berlin‘s most famous square. Originally, this square lay just beyond the gates to the city. Around 1700 it was the site of a livestock market, earning it the name Ochsenplatz or “Oxen Square”. Later, it was also used as a wool market and as a parade ground. It received its current name on the occasion of the visit of Czar Alexander I. in 1805....