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The Modern Prague

The Dancing Building, Prague, Czech Republic

To design a building in competition with so many architectural styles is not simple, and thus in the centre you will encounter modern buildings only rarely. Thus, the construction boom took place just outside the centre, where new business centres and large shopping malls arose. For the meantime, prominent buildings by Jean Nouvel (And?l) and Frank Gehry (The Dancing Building) represent more the courage of private investors than of the municipality. Thus, in the heart of the city, contemporary art is left to evoke the modern period. The works of Czech artist David ?erný, who shocked Europe upon the inauguration of the Czech presidency of the EU with his sculpture Entropa, already have become a part of tourist guidebooks. The babies climbing the concrete structure of the Žižkov TV tower, the upside down horse in the arcade at Lucerna and the bronze men peeing messages on Kampa island, however, already were among sought-after sights.

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