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Brazzaville, the Bustling Capital of Congo


The most touristic place in Brazzaville is the Poto Poto suburb, which is a colorful place offering some interesting possibilities for shopping in Brazzaville, as well as for nightlife in Brazzaville. There are also some architectural sights inside the area, such as for example the Basilica of St. Anne that is a monument reminding of the era of French colonialism in Brazzaville. Another popular sight in Brazzaville, the National Museum introduces you to the French influenced history of Congo Brazzaville. For the lovers of outdoor sports, also golf in Brazzaville is possible.

Things to do. Apart from the historical and architectural attractions of the city, Brazzaville offers you also some lively markets, which are excellent places for not only shopping, but also for exploring the bustling African city life. Brazzaville has also an interesting zoo and a botanical garden, showing amazing examples from the tropical flora and fauna of the country, a thing you can explore further in destinations such as Odzala National Park.

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